10mm Opal Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

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10mm Opal Polycarbonate roofing and siding sheets

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10mm Opal Polycarbonate sheets let 42% of light through, so you can dull down the suns brightness whilst filtering out the harmful UV rays. The opal sheet is a frosted white colour, providing some privacy and reflecting some heat.
We have PVC rafter supported glazing bars suitable for this Polycarbonate available.
Lightweight roofing sheets that lower the stress upon existing shelter and are easy to transport and cut on site.
Whilst these sheets come in preset standard sizes we can supply them cut to size at no extra cost. Simply buy the next size sheet up from what you need it cut to. For example, if you need a sheet 895mm W x 2750mm L – order a 1050mm W x 3000mm L sheet and let us know as soon as you can after you have made the purchase.
If you dont tell us you want it cut to size shortly after the purchase is made, you will be sent the actual size sheet that you have ordered.
The 10mm thickness sheets are suitable for structure that do not require the roof to be thermally efficient. If you require more insulation you should use the thicker 16 or 25mm sheets as these are made with more internal chambers giving better heat insulation.
As a result, the 10mm sheet is perfect for the following uses
  • Garage Roof
  • Shed Roof
  • Walk way covering/roofing
  • Bike shelters
  • Smoking shelters
  • Kids play areas
  • Car ports
  • Gazebos and awnings
  • Greenhouses
  • Chicken enclosures
  • Hot tub covers
The 10mm sheets can also be used for applications where they will require to be bent into shape, like barrel roofing. (so long as the bending radius is not too small)

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