Thanks for getting in touch regarding samples of our Composite Fencing offerings. By now you should have a small sample sat in front of you, in the colour/s you are interested in. Obviously you are interested other wise you wouldn’t be here, so we have compiled this page to make sure you are completely up to speed with what Composite Fencing is, and why you need it. Also, ordering direct with us, through the website or over the phone is the best and most cost effective way for you, we will strive to give you the best service we can offer at great prices.

We have many pages explaining how the fencing is used, how its installed and the true benefits of purchasing it. Take some time to look around and boost your knowledge of it before placing an order with us, here is a direct link to the Composite Fencing category.

There are many benefits to this fencing, installation time, maintenance and the ongoing costs that would normally be associated with timber fencing, wondering how much this could be over the lifetime of a timber fence? We did the sums, read about it here.

Over the years we have been able to supply this fencing to many different locations in the UK, from the pointy end of Cornwall right up to the windy and wet skies of Scotland and all we hear is praise about the product, its ease of install, its ability to transform a garden in just a few hours and its wind proof strength. Customers cant believe it was able to withstand recent storms (March 2022) and have neighbours knocking on their doors asking where it came from!

If you need help calculating how many panels you need, or how posts should be installed we are here to help, fill in our form below and we will be in touch.