Composite fence panels for concrete posts?

Good news!!

Our Composite Fence Panels are a direct fit into existing concrete posts.

composite fence panels for concrete posts

We get asked all the time “do you sell composite fence panels for concrete posts?” and the answer is yes. If you are after the quickest possible install, the way forward is to reuse existing slotted concrete posts that are still good and simply slider new composite fence panels down into them. You may need to trim the panels down width ways, depending on how big the timber panel was that these are replacing. A full 6×6 foot panel can be swapped out in just a few minutes and once they are in place, that’s it. Done.

Take the image above, the customer had damaged and rotten timber panels that had been in place for many years and needed replacing. The concrete posts are still in top condition. This job was completed in around 30 minutes and has completely transformed the garden.

When fitting into concrete posts you should first check that they have the required 50mm or slightly bigger channel/groove for these panels to slide into. We are aware some installs have been very tight in the groove, but we have never come across a concrete post that these haven’t been able to be slid into yet.

We do of course dell matching posts in the same material and colour should you want to replace your while fence. This leads to a different look to the fence again, and still has the benefits of super long lasting posts that just can’t rot like timber!

composite fence panels with composite posts

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